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    ICT Concrete Technology & Construction Stage 2 - General Principles

    The course Concrete Technology & Construction - Stage 2 : General Principles represents the second step of the industry endorsed four-stage qualification framework which is directly linked to the professional grades of membership of the Institute of Concrete Technology (ICT). It is intended for all personnel involved in the production, use or quality control activities associated with concrete.

    As well as providing essential and up-to-date information for specifiers, producers and contractors, the course prepares candidates, if they wish, for the examination leading to the recognized qualification Concrete Technology & Construction - Stage 2 : General Principles awarded by the ICT.

    It is expected that candidates will have some prior experience and/or possess the Stage 1 entry-level qualification Concrete Practice.

    A unitized and modular approach is designed to enable candidates to become qualified to commence at any time, progress at their own pace. and complete the course in time for revision before the ICT examination that is traditionally held in mid-May every year.

    The four qualifications are designed around detailed learning objectives prepared by the ICT. Learning objectives are reviewed and updated to reflect industry needs and advancements.

    Successful candidates are entitled to use the designatory letters AffICT awarded by the ICT.

    The course fee is £1800 Sterling.

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    Module 1 : Constituents of concrete

    • Health and Safety
    • Sustainability
    • Portland cement and additions
    • Non-Portland cements
    • Natural aggregates
    • Light-weight and heavy-weight aggregates and concrete
    • Admixtures
    • Water
    • Steel for reinforcing and prestressing
    • Fibre reinforcement

    Module 2 : Properties of concrete

    • Fresh concrete
    • Hardened concrete - behavior under load
    • Hardened concrete - dimensional changes
    • Hardened concrete - durability
    • Testing fresh and hardened concrete
    • Quality control – statistical methods
    • Specification
    • Mix design

    Module 3 : Production and use

    • Storage, batching and mixing
    • Concrete production and supply
    • Ready-mixed concrete
    • Operation and maintenance of plant
    • Management
    • Formwork and falsework
    • Reinforced concrete
    • Prestressed concrete
    • Precast concrete
    • Transporting and placing
    • Compacting and finishing
    • Curing
    • Joints
    • Finishes
    • Roads
    • Floors
    • Concrete Technology & Construction Stage 2 - General Principles Health and Safety 
    • Sustainability
    • Quality control and statistical methods
    • Management

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