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    The ACT course

    The first ACT course was held in 1968 at the Fulmer Grange Training Centre of the Cement and Concrete Association (now the Mineral Products Association). Following re-organisation, the course moved to Imperial College, London in 1982 and was arranged by the Concrete Structures Section of the Civil Engineering Department. In 1996 the course moved to Nottingham University, and was organised jointly by Dr John Newman of Imperial College, London and the late Dr Ban Seng Choo of Nottingham University. With advances in computer-based communications technology it was decided to replace the traditional residential course with a web-based distance learning version to focus more on self-learning rather than teaching.

    This new course, which has been available since September 2004, allows better access for participants outside the UK and does not require lengthy absences from the workplace. It also encourages the interchange of information at the international level and improves learning skills to promote success in the ICT Diploma examinations.

    The aim of the course is to provide a teaching and learning experience for participants such that they obtain an in-depth knowledge at an advanced level of a wide variety of topics within the field of concrete technology. Formal lectures are largely replaced by the information contained in the 4 volumes of the book 'Advanced Concrete Technology' edited by Newman and Choo, based on the ICT syllabus with chapters written by recognised experts in the topics covered. This is complemented by a series of assignments undertaken on a group basis throughout the 18 month duration of the course. Reporting deadlines are set and draft and final reports are made available to all participants. Tutors monitor progress and provide information when required.

    Between the start of the course and the final examinations the candidate is required to carry out either an individual project or a number of individual assignments which are assessed by the ICT examiners.

    The course fully prepares candidates for examinations for the Diploma in Advanced Concrete Technology. Full Membership of the Institute of Concrete Technology is open to all those who have obtained the Diploma and this has world-wide acceptance as the leading qualification in concrete technology. The Institute is internationally recognised, sets high educational standards and requires its members to abide by a Code of Professional Conduct thus enhancing the profession of concrete technologist.

    This website provides an overview of the course, including application requirements and procedures, syllabus and learning objectives and frequently asked questions. E-support and distance learning facilities can be accessed only by course participants.

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